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J  A  M  E  S   'J  E  S  P  E  R '   P  E  M  B  E  R  T  O  N




  • GOC Illumina 8 String

  • GOC Materia 3 8 String


  • Ernie Ball Strings 80-10


  • Kemper Power Rack

  • Pro Tones Deadhorse Overdrive

  • Pro Tones Misha Attack

  • L 'el Effector Tosin Abasi Kigen Overdrive

  • Mooer Ocean Machine Devin Townsend Signature

  • Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2


Software Synths:

  • Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11

  • Reveal Sound Spire

  • Air Music Technology Hybrid 3

  • Xfer Serum

Hardware Synths:

  • Elta Поливокс Polivoks-M Desktop

  • Roland SH-01 Gaia

  • Roland E-28

  • Korg MicroKorg

  • Behringer Crave

Additional Rack Equipment:

  • Furman M-10x E Power Conditioner

  • Antelope Audio Discrete Synergy 8

  • Digitech GSP1101

  • Line 6 G30 Relay Wireless

  • RJM RG16 Switcher

Jesper's first dive into alternative music was when he was 17. He was inspired to pick up the guitar by discovering such bands as Static-X, Rammstien and System of a Down by accident, stumbling across the alternative music channels.  Jesper at the time was learning to play piano and considered giving up but decided instead to add to his talent pool by learning guitar and adapting to a more synthetic sound on keys.

Jesper soon put his first real band together called Cause for Concern in the summer of 2010, in which he blended his love of metal and synthesisers, aiming to emulate the sounds of his heroes Static-X. During this time, he studied Sound and Multimedia Technology at Birmingham City University, where he learnt how to record and mix music, laying the foundations for all future projects including Awaken Eternity.

Genesis Arc was to be his second band,  where he started to progress towards the sound that you hear today. Genesis Arc Released an EP and two singles in its 5 year span, all professionally recorded at Monochrome Productions. They played up and down the country landing a slot in the final of Bloodstock's Metal 2 the Masses competition. Jesper started expanding and experimenting with his sound as his musical taste evolved. Artists such as Devin Townsend and Hanns Zimmer took center stage as inspiration, with their larger than life sounds seeping into Jespers writing style in the form of orchestras and large mixes.

Jesper's musical flavour and love of synthesisers lead him to discover industrial EDM. Nachtmar inspired Jesper to form a solo project called Dead Clone that released a full album in 2018. This project still exists to this day.

Today, Jesper plays guitar and synths here in Awaken Eternity, as well as recording, mixing and mastering each and every track. Using his wealth of knowledge he engineers the live mixes, midi and light programming triggers for the shows. Jesper's unique flavour of modern rhythmic and clean shimmering guitars with a mixture of orchestral and synthetic soundscapes create a huge sound that draws you in. In the modern world of sound, Jesper believes music shouldn't be just a wall of two dimensional noise. It can be something that fills every corner of a room, wrapping around you and felt through the floor. He aims is to utilise different genres and instruments to create an intoxicating sound that puts you right in the center.

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