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K  E  V  I  N    H  I  D  E




  • Alpher Mako Elite 4

  • Leduc Modern 4

  • RJ JazzCaster 4


  • D’addario NYXL Strings


  • Neural DSP Quad Cortex

  • Behringer Octave Divider

Other Equipment:

  • Shure GLXD Wireless System

  • Warwick Rockboard Pedalboard

  • Cioks Power Supplies

  • Rattlesnake Cables

  • Heistercamp Straps

  • Hercules Stands

  • Mono Cases

  • ACS Custom Moulds

  • KZ ZS10 Pro IEMs


A late starter, Kevin did not pick up the bass guitar until he turned 18 years old. He fell in love with the low end instantly and has never looked back, developing a huge passion for all aspects of the bass. Deliberately opting not to seek tuition to assist in his learning, he has developed his own unique, fast, aggressive and percussive finger-style technique, taking influences from a broad range of players across many genres, from funk to heavy metal. Perhaps unusually for a bassist in the genre, he opts not to play 5+ string basses and instead prefers 4 string instruments in a variety of tunings, using a select number of effects pedals and preamps to achieve his distinctive tones.


Having spent many years honing his craft and being involved in numerous recording projects off stage, his interests turned to metal and a desire to perform and in 2016 co-founded power metal band Barbikan. 

In 2017, Kevin pursued his ambition of playing more technical music and jumped on board with Pete Morten’s (ex Power Quest/Threshold) solo project My Soliloquy as a touring bassist. Eager to pursue his interests in the genre but on a more permanent basis, he joined progressive metallers Cenfora as their full time bassist in 2018, tracking bass on their debut album release merely weeks after joining.

In 2019. Following a promotional video released by Jesper sampling some of the music that he had written with ex guitarist member Simon for their new project Awaken Eternity, Kevin jumped at chance to join the band and bring his diverse influences to the table.

Kevin is proud to be an Alpher Instruments artist and for live and studio performances he uses a drop-tuned 4 string Mako Elite bass, with the band's latest single "Tau" recorded with this bass in a modified drop F# tuning.  He also uses a recently acquired Leduc Modern 4 headless bass, built by French master luthier Chistophe Leduc, for Drop B duties live.  He additionally owns a non-export "Jazzcaster" jazz bass copy, built by renowned phillippine guitar builder RJ Guitars, which serves as a backup. 


In 2022 Kevin was added to the Nordstrand Audio artist roster and has twin BigMan pickups and a 3B preamp fitted in "Blackburl", 

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