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P  A  N  O  S    T  S  O  G  K  A  K  I  S



Drum Kits:

Tama Superstar Hyperdrive - Birch

  • 22'' x 20'' Kick Drum

  • 10'' x 6.5'' Rack Tom

  • 12'' x 7'' Rack Tom

  • 16'' x 14'' Floor Tom


Sonor Force 3007 Fusion - Maple

  • 20'' x 17.5'' Kick drum

  • 10'' x 8'' Rack Tom

  • 12'' x 9'' Rack Tom

  • 14'' x 14'' Floor Tom

  • 16'' x 16'' Floor Tom


Snare Drums:

  • Tama Ltd Edition 14'' x 6'' Maple

  • Sonor 3007 Force 14'' x 5.5'' Maple



     Meinl Byzance:

  • 14'' Brilliant Serpent Hats

  • 18'' Extra Dry Dual Crash

  • 18'' Thin Sand Crash

  • 22'' Extra Dry Medium Ride

  • 20'' Vintage Equilibrium China

     Meinl Classics:

  • 16'' Custom Dark Trash Stack



   Tama Speed Cobra:

  • HP910 Long board kick pedals

  • HH915 Hi-Hat stand

  • Tama Roadpro cymbal stands/arms

  • Tama 1st chair 530B trio drum throne

  • Gilbratar VMS stealth

  • Shure SE215M + SPE sound isolating earphones

  • Remo Drumheads

  • Promark Sticks

Panos always been drawn to playing drums by his childhood heroes and so at the age of 12 Panos picked up a pair of drumsticks and got straight to learning. He quickly joined his first heavy thrash band ‘’Immemorial Sense’’ and quickly got to work in the studio, recorded their first demo and playing his first gig.


Panos is self taught and, over a 5 year period in the Municipal Conservatory of Volos in Greece, he gained more in depth music knowledge, taking drums lessons from Giannis Argiropoulos, reading sheet music as well as learning classical and orchestral disciplines. During that time, his second band, a rock metal outfit called ‘’Edem’’, released three well received singles and played shows across the country, sharing the stage with bigger names as well as negotiating a contract with a renowned record label.


As a teenager, Panos' influences varied from grunge, electronic, heavy metal, prog to death metal and anything leaning towards the heavier side of music.

Panos took part in various projects from the mid 90s to mid 2000s in such bands such as ‘’Fugitive’’ and ‘’ex. Silent Winter’’ sharing the stage with Gus G. This was followed by a memorable one time 10 man ensemble, by the name "Opening Act" playing the 1st Golden R Festival. In his uni years away from home he had the luck of playing with extraordinary individuals who pushed each other into evolving themselves as musicians, with addictive improvisational jam sessions. For years to come Panos would have occasional gigs exploring a wide spectrum of styles from blues and rock to funk and fusion that challenged him to think outside the heavy metal box he was used to. This gave him unique musical traits to use in the future of his music career.


Listening to bands like Karnivool and Snarky Puppy challenged him and translated into endless hours in the practice room for a few years, becoming an obsession of studying drummers techniques and ideas from past legends to modern ones. This contributed in him becoming a knowledgeable, versatile and well rounded drummer.

In 2013  he was fired up living in Athens doing music with his highlight being the drummer for ‘’Po(-)’’ A very unique, alternative, progressive band that released 3 EPs worth of material and played venues across Greece.

However in 2016, Panos wanted a fresh challenge. This involved moving to the UK. Hungry to see what the country had to offer starting in London. After a couple short lived projects and shows, Panos was still looking for the right lineup. This brought him to the home of heavy metal itself, Birmingham. In 2019, he was still looking for the right band, and after considering giving up and going back to Greece he saw two guys had posted a promo video of their demos who were driven and determined looking for members to join their new band, the name of which was Awaken Eternity.

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